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Friday, October 1, 2010

it's just the way it is

school is most known by what? it's definitely not the teacher's and obviously not the food. high school is represented by all sorts of things. but the most known thing is sports. when you walk down a hallway you will most likely see a jock. a football player or a cheerleader. and of course, the football player goes out with the cheerleader. everyone pay's attention to them. because everyone wants to be popular. and the only way of becoming popular is to be a preppy jock. so, what about the people who aren't so "lucky"? well, there are the goths, the punks, the skaters, the gangsters, the nerds and the pariahs. the goths are people who just are there, sitting in the corner of the room painting their nails black and talking about the spell they tried the other day. the punks are drunk off their asses talking, wait, i mean screaming about the screamo concert they went to last night and how they punched someone in the face due to the mosh pit. the skaters are talking about how they skated, while smoking weed. multitasking. the gangsters are most likely talking about the gun they just got or how they just got laid. the nerd's are not talking. they're doing homework or comparing themselves to einstein and wondering how the hell he was so smart and dropped out of school when he was in the eighth grade. and then there are the outsiders. this is the group i belong to. we live in our own little world, not caring about what the latest trend is or who's going out with who. i' am an orch dork. i'm in my school's orchestra and an orchestra outside of school. i practice the violin for hours on end and for fun, i hum symphonies.

yup. no one pays attention to orchestra. it's always the sports that grabs everyones attention when the football, basketball or another sport's team wins a game, they get announced on the speaker and on the big bulletin board in front of the school. all eye's are on them. but when the orchestra gets a superior at a festival, wins a competition, or gets declared the best high school orchestra in the city, no congratulations, no announcement on the speaker, and no announcement on the bulletin board. nope. nada. nothing. if a sports team gets to state, the whole school has to know. but when ten people of our orchestra makes it into the regional orchestra…nothing. and when two people of our orchestra makes it into all state orchestra, which is considered the best players in the state…nothing. and i'm not even going to say where all the money goes too.
yes, we're finally getting an orchestra room, after twenty years of it being on the waiting list, but we're the last to move into the fine arts building. our room was the last to get build. and we're not excepted to move in until sometime next semester. which sucks being that the most important people in the orchestra are seniors and we don't even have half of our last year to spend in our favorite building. and sports is all that my teacher talks about in my math class! football this, football that…track, track, track. i thought we were supposed to be learning pre-calculus? and when you have discussion's in class about what you want to do in life, the jock says, "football player." the teacher says, "that's great! it's fun and pays good!" the orchestra kid says, "i want to get a performance major on the cello." the teacher says, "oh." and everybody just has to go to all the football games and cheer their team on. woo hoo! school spirit! but nobody goes to orchestra concerts. because it's not "cool". orchestra just isn't respected. and it's just the way it is.

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  1. haha good post, but i'd advise you not to use this font again.

    keep the posts coming! esp if you have some original songs or covers. those would be awesome to share.