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Friday, October 1, 2010


middle school drama pisses me off.
especially when high schooler's do it.
i hate people, i hate jocks.
i don't like freshmen, i don't like sophmore's,
i don't like it when people don't wear socks.
this might sound weird coming from me,
but i hate sef-absorbed, conceited orchestra geeks.
i hate it when people say music is their life,
but yet they don't play an instrument or know theory,
they're just a bunch of normal freaks.
choir kids get on my nerve,
they think they're so talented because all they need is their voice,
when they stop singing, i rejoice.
i hate it when people say filipinos aren't asian,
they're "pacific islanders".
it's the same friggin thing!
i hate that thing you call rap.
i just want to give it a big ass slap.
booty dancing is only funny when grannys do it.
if a guy wants to dance on me im like "screw it!"
i wish i was a beatle and say that love is all you need,
but how can i say that when the world is showing me greed?

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