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Friday, October 1, 2010

evil empire.

i wrote this two years ago when i was a flaming liberal hahaha, i don't really think this way anymore, but i do still hate starbucks, just because i find them annoying. but if you're looking for a nice giggle, give this a whirl.

Starbucks. When most people hear that word, they think of coffee. When I hear that word, I think of child labor loving, obese making, land plundering, coffee ruining sons of a bitches. It shouldn’t even be considered coffee anymore due to all the crap they put in it. It’s basically a cup full of sugar and cream. Also known as fat. So why am I such an anti-Starbucks fanatic? Because due to so many reasons, that company is ruining the world.
Do people ever wonder where Starbucks gets their beans? Of course not. They’re too busy guzzling down frappuccinos to care. Starbucks supports child labor. I’m not saying the employees support it, just the company. Young kinds are forced to work everyday outside in the scorching heat for h ours on end. And in some cases, there are violence towards the children. They pay the kids very little or no money at all. Why? Because the big coffee industry’s get a higher profit. 52% of Latin Americans who pick their beans are under the age of 18 and they are forced to pick coffee beans instead of going to school. The workers in Kenya get paid four times less then the minimum wage, which is Sh5,395, or less than $75, per month. Starbucks is also buying its coffee and chocolate in Africa, where the workers are in fact slaves.
But isn t Starbucks Fair Trade? Yes, we’ve all heard that and they say they are, but actually only 6% of their coffee is qualified as Fair Trade. Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds and Wal-Mart have a higher part of their coffee in Fair Trade bond than they do. Farmers, who grow the coffee beans that Starbucks uses, only get paid pennies per pound while Starbucks gets millions of dollars everyday. Starbucks made in internal model “corporate responsibility” that is very pricey for coffee farmers. It’s voluntary and non-transparent. Starbucks makes $6.4 billion total net profits that a year. Only 4% is spent on all charity. communal growth schemes in coffee mounting society make up only .02%
Starbucks is ruining the music industry. Hear Music is the product name of its retail music idea that they sell in their stores. Each C.D. has songs from various artists and the artists don’t get any of the money that Starbucks makes from selling their songs. Starbucks started working with Apple in 2006. Hear Music was added on Apple’s iTunes Store selling the same music that was in Starbucks stores. Starbucks also entered the film industry in 2006 with the name of Starbucks Entertainment.
It isn’t good for you either. A tall frappuccino, which is their most popular dink, has 320 calories in a tall. That is the smallest size. A grande has 430, and a venti (biggest size) has 560. That’s more than getting a ba con, egg and cheese biscuit at McDonalds! Their apple juice has 250 calories, and their Nourishing Blends have 290. Even the drinks that are said to be healthy aren’t. There are 150 calories and over in the rest o f their drinks they serve. A grande sized Starbucks coffee has more caffeine than a red bull. Four times! They Also reject to assure that chocolate, ice cream, baked goods, milk and other beverages that they sell in the stores are free of hereditarily modified ingredients, a cow steroid. Whish gives a higher risk of cancer to people.
It has been discovered by environmental experts that Starbucks in the U.S. waste millions of liters of water everyday. That’s 23.4 million! The UK, who have slow tap spurts, are wasting 1.63 million liters a day. Imagine how much water the tallest Starbucks store wastes, which is 5 stories high. Every store has a cold tap on the other side of the counter used for washing utensils. But most of all the Starbuck stores keep the water running for at least 15 minutes because the manager says it’s “cleaning the drains”. But most of the employees don’t know what the tap sink is for. The 23.4 million wasted by Starbucks in the U.S., could supply sufficient everyday water for the 2 million inhabitants in Namibia, Africa. It could also fill up an Olympic pool every eighty-three minutes.
Yes, it’s said that they give great benefits to their employees. They give really good sal ary. A complimentary pound of coffee a week, free espressos, premium perks, health benefits, and dental coverage. They can also get a paid vacation and a sick leave. But I think they’re just giving all of that to their employees just to look good due to all the bad stuff they do. But not all their workers are happy. Employees made a group, the Starbucks Barisatas Union, which tell the truth about how this company treats them. Workers get paid as little as $6 - $8 an hour and are not assured any hour per week. As I just said above, Starbucks says they give health benefits, but actually it assures a lower proportion for its workers for health care than Wal-Mart. Starbucks 42%, Walmart 47%. That’s even lower than the manufacturing average. The employees also want Starbucks to boost the quantity of fair trade coffee. A union leader said, “We see our struggles for humane wages and working conditions as united with the coffee growers. No longer will Starbucks be allowed to run roughshod over it’s baristas or coffee farmers.”
They’re taking over the world. There is basically one on every block, and in some states, like New York, they are across the street from each other. There are 16,226 stores in the world. 11,434 are in the United States and 4,792 outside the U.S. Their enlargement plan is 30,000 stores. They serve 40 million consumers a week. It has a superior sales per square foot than McDonalds. And they also cut 1,000 job s to boot its profit.
If Starbucks continues to grow, it will monopolize the coffee industry, shutting down many of the South American coffee companies. And since those other coffee companies are the main source of income of those countries, it could potentially put those countries in serious economic troubles.
People don’t go to Starbucks because they absolutely love it, they go cause they need it. Coffee is a drug and it’s addictive. And due to all the stuff that Starbucks puts in them makes them delicious. But the fact is, coffee wasn’t meant to taste good. It was a poor mans drink. The poor drank it to help keep them up for doing work, and they also couldn’t afford to buy tea. Starbucks likes to get small children addicted to's like the cigarette companies!
People go to Starbucks thinking they are being “hippie-ish”. but if they were true hippies, they would know that Starbucks stands for pure evil. And another thing is that really stupid people go there to think or they’re trying to be the cast from the show Friends. Long to short, Starbucks is an evil empire and it’s full of consumer whores.


  1. Agreed! Normal coffee or no coffee!

  2. I actually have a local place I go to, don't really like starbucks....good post.

  3. starbucks seriously sucks. I'd go to a local coffee shop or none at all. I'm not addicted to caffeine, so i guess i have that luxury. I just like pastries. haha.

    good post. showing some love.

  4. good post, very informative and influential :)